Gloomy weather and holiday stress can take a toll on health and happiness. Adopting wellness routines and products that include essential oils will lift up your spirits and invigorate your immune system. Essentail oils may be diffused, mixed into smelling salts, added to facial steams and used as active ingredients in massage oils, lotions and perfumes.


Our Favorites For The Season


Lavender comes from the latin root Lavare, “to wash”, because of its purifying properties for both body and spirit. A fantastic oil for detox and boosting immunity during cold and flu season.


Fabulous for lifting up the mood and invigorating the senses, bergamot works wonders for concentration and the cultivation of a positive outlook.


Breathe easy and alleviate coughs, colds and tension thanks to the soothing benefits of this strongly aromatic evergreen.


Along with peppermint, spearmint’s crispness is a refreshing pick-me-up scent for winter. It also helps with circulation, stress relief, digestion and respiration.


summer picks


Midsummer is a time to unwind and savor the long warm easy days. Whether you’re diving into a good book on a shady porch, on the move exploring new places, or busy creating in your office we have the right picks for you. From spunky citrus scents to lush florals these sunshine-packed summer essentials will make the season’s experiences all the more enjoyable.


1. Neroli-Citrus Deodorant

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Tread into summer heat with confidence with this odor-neutralizing 100% natural deodorant. Sunny notes of neroli and orange combine with Himalayan pink salt to offer safe high performance protection. Bonus: It comes in a spray bottle for an easy freshen-up on the go.


2. Brightening Botanical Toner

botanical toner

A complexion perfecting botanical blend of rose, bitter orange blossom and chamomile distillates to hydrate, nourish and brighten skin tone. A garden in a bottle! Carry it in your purse for frequent refreshing spritzes.


3. Zest Natural Perfume



A simple blend of coconut oil and essential oils for the nature minded. A young happy scent with vibrant citrus notes on a soft bed of vanilla. Enlivening, sweet and almost dessert-like. A slice of  lemon meringue or key lime pie? Yes, please!


balancing_moisturizer w

Caring for oily and combination skin can be tricky. While the goal is to reduce shine and prevent blemishes and other oily skin symptoms it is equally important to keep skin hydrated and avoid stripping it of its natural oils with the use of harsh astringents. Moisture-deprived oily skin will produce even more oil to compensate which leads to clogged pores and the appearance of pimples.


Our light-weight, easily absorbable azulene infused Balancing Moisturizer hydrates and gently regulates oily and combination skin without clogging pores. The accompanying Blemish Healer contains potent botanicals to soothe and accelerate the healing of existing blemishes while preventing their reoccurrence.

A perfect duo for perfectly clear skin.


roses fanees
Rosewater has been used in skincare for centuries and is one of the few ingredients still considered an essential part of the savvy modern woman’s health and beauty regimen. In addition to smelling out-of-this-world amazing, it has many uses that range from toning skin to freshening linens and a host of uses in between.

1. It has soothing anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce redness from irritated or over-heated skin.

2. It cleanses skin and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in pores thus preventing acne and pimples.

3. It softens dry skin and hair.

4. It prevents wrinkles, tightens pores and adds a wonderful glow to skin.

5. It reduces eye puffiness.

6. It freshens throughout the day when sprayed as a mist on the face and neck.

7. It works great over make up as a setting spray.

8. The aroma of roses is a powerful mood enhancer that eases feelings of anxiety and promotes emotional wellbeing. A few cups in bath water will create a relaxing, fragrant experience while softening skin.

9. It makes an excellent after-shave to soothe skin and prevent irritation.

10. It makes a fabulous organic room freshener and linen spray.

rosewater w



argan tree

Argan oil is produced from the fruit of the argan tree, which resembles an oversized green olive. Beneath the flesh is a conical nut inside which is found the kernel. Farmers typically remove the flesh by hand then crack the nut and extract the kernel from which the oil is produced.

Nicknamed the golden nut and its oil liquid gold, the argan fruit brings bountiful blessings both to the farmers who make a livelihood from it and to the consumers who use it for numerous beauty and healing regimens.

There are two types of argan oil. The culinary kind produced from roasted kernels is reddish brown, unrefined and strong scented, and the cosmetic variety made from unroasted kernels and mostly odorless and thus more pleasant to use on skin and hair. Whether refined or unrefined, argan oil continues to amaze with its multiple benefits.

Argan Oil Benefits for Hair

Argan oil strenghthens and nourishes hair while making it easy to manage and eliminating roughnesss and tangles.

Argan Oil Benefits for Skin

Rich in fatty acids, squalene and antioxidants, argan oil has the ability to regress the signs of aging. When applied to skin, it can reduce wrinkles and other skin degenerations. It is very effective in fighting free radicals and restoring skin.

Argan oil is non greasy and absorbs easily and smoothly into the skin without clogging pores which makes a favorite facial oil for many women who use it not only as a restorative moisturizer but also as a make-up remover.

Argan oil has many additional medicinal benefits for skin. It cures many skin disorders including dry skin, acne, and psoriasis. It is also effective in reducing the appearance of scars.

Sop our Pure Moroccan Argan Oil.

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