summer picks


Midsummer is a time to unwind and savor the long warm easy days. Whether you’re diving into a good book on a shady porch, on the move exploring new places, or busy creating in your office we have the right picks for you. From spunky citrus scents to lush florals these sunshine-packed summer essentials will make the season’s experiences all the more enjoyable.


1. Neroli-Citrus Deodorant

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Tread into summer heat with confidence with this odor-neutralizing 100% natural deodorant. Sunny notes of neroli and orange combine with Himalayan pink salt to offer safe high performance protection. Bonus: It comes in a spray bottle for an easy freshen-up on the go.


2. Brightening Botanical Toner

botanical toner

A complexion perfecting botanical blend of rose, bitter orange blossom and chamomile distillates to hydrate, nourish and brighten skin tone. A garden in a bottle! Carry it in your purse for frequent refreshing spritzes.


3. Zest Natural Perfume



A simple blend of coconut oil and essential oils for the nature minded. A young happy scent with vibrant citrus notes on a soft bed of vanilla. Enlivening, sweet and almost dessert-like. A slice of  lemon meringue or key lime pie? Yes, please!

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